gimme more

if you have stopped by before, you might know about my upcoming longterm-surftrip to asia. but just yesterday, there was this feeling, that I might want more… because if I’m really on the road for a few months, shouldn’t I also catch a glimpse of the wonderful waves in central america? or south america? or australia? or perhaps even africa???

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2 thoughts on “gimme more

  1. Yes, definitely. Mexico, costa rica, Nicaragua. You may never come back!

  2. :) the only bad thing is, I don’t speak a single spanish word – I could study it, of course, there is enough time left – but I’m studying hebrew at the moment ;)

    hey, but I’m sooo excited – and what about all those amazing volunteer programs: “surf & help” – that would be so cool, but you know what? I cannot afford it… helping is very expensive…

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