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highway of broken dreams

I have been on the freeway today… suddenly my car became slower and I saw that it ran extremely hot. so I called the wreckers and in the garage they told me that it’s most likely done. the repair could cost 3.000 dollars and more. if that is true, my surftrip died today… ;(

hänsel, I will miss you:


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I wanted to book our flights from casablanca to jakarta and from denpasar to manila today. just to make sure that it’s true what the net says (visa-free indo for 30 days and visa-free philis for 21 days), I called the embassies in my country and they told me: moroccan citizens have to apply for a visa back home for indonesia and the philippines. I cannot find veryfying statements on the net! I’m going crazy! hopefully the embassies in morocco answer my mails soon, because I don’t have a clue what to do now…

why are some people on this planet blessed to travel wherever they want while others are cursed and punished just because of their place of birth??? ;(((

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Drift – The next hollywood surf movie

I’m getting scared… too much mainstream-attention. well, the engine is running – surf industry is getting bigger and bigger. blessing or curse? what do you think? maybe both…?

Haydn Mac Nicol

When it comes to making hollywood style movies about surfing it is always going to be a gamble because you have to sell the surfing experience to millions of people that have never tried, which usually ends up with one person’s wave consisting of 3 airs, 5 barrels , two different directions and about 7 different surf spots ( Case in point – Opening wave of Blue Crush 2). But not all of them are bad and judging on the recent success of “chasing mavericks” both with non surfers and surfers alike hollywood may have started getting it right. Here is the trailer for a new movie called “drift” about two brothers trying to make it with their own surf business but drugs,love and other things really stir things up  (seems about the truest surf movie ever then). Its based in australia but whether its an australian film or hollywood…

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I’ve got a virus on my camera, so I cannot show you those pics and vids from the last two weeks in morocco :((( I hope I can find a specialist soon to fix it! g-d damned hackers!

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I just returned back home from surfing morocco again (third time in six months) and what did I see? 300 followers!!! thank you!!! :)))


you surely heard about the lion air crash in bali! a friend of mine was surfing the airport left when it happened. here’s what he wrote:

Ok so im surfing airport lefts…a nice break next to the bali runway…and we watch a plane literally overshoot the landing and crash into the ocean on the right hander reef. Talk about crazy thing to see happen right next to u in the surf! Passengers got out onto the wing and appeared ok. Google lion air crash if u wanna look.

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