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really? like really really?

somewhere in a capitalistic state a girl with a university degree and a nice job decides to leave everything behind – to gain some more salt water experiences in the developing world. she’s very lucky, because her family is backing her all the way.

her friends? some are cool with it, some think it’s cool and some might say she’s a total freak. “you will give up your job?” really? like really really? YES! with a big smile on my face! because I feel it! and at least I should try, no?

and then there are travel-companions who understand you lock, stock and barrel! and they also have some very important words for you that bring you back down to mother earth’s ground:

just remember that your capitalist job pays for your vacation to diverse 3rd world countries… otherwise you would be ‘living’ 3rd world… which is not nearly as exotic as ‘passing through’ 3rd world – it’s a catch 22, I know…

thank you so damn f****** much, my dear friend! and to say it with rocky leon’s words: “the sun is shining and the grass is green, so quit your whining…” & “maybe you shouldn’t work anymore…” :)

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orange-coloured fruit

have you ever bitten in a mango or a nectarine and it just felt sooo sexy in your mouth!? sorry I had to take this level now, but it’s really amazing. and it only happens with orange fruit to me, which is quite funny. actually only with mangos and nectarines…

so if you are single and want a really nice summersweet beachlove feeling, but you cannot be there at the moment, because you live in a midland without the chance to reach the sea within a few hours… try orange-coloured fruit! *lol*

sunshine to you

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just do it

when I started wavesurfing some years ago, they always told me “don’t think about it, just do it!” and I just couldn’t. I’ve been so busy remembering all the steps to make a good take-off, stand at the right place on the board, keep my hands in the proper position, my eyes to the front, my head above my knees and what not, that I very often ended up in nose-dives and wipe-outs (which actually were also funny most of the time, I have to say).

then there are other people who tell you “hey, you have to work on this and that before you can handle bigger waves. it’s all about the technique.” and you try for some time, but it also doesn’t make any sense to you.

finally, on my last two trips (sri lanka and java), I realised that my first wavesurfing-“gurus” were damn right. it all comes natural. you just have to do it.

bottom an top turns came to me this time like jesus to mary. I didn’t think about it, but I ended up doing it. naturally. and that is an experience I don’t have words for – it feels so right and it’s so overwhelming. we can do everything, if we try with passion and patience. but if we try too hard, we will fail.

have fun and let go…

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