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on my own

some years ago I couldn’t imagine to go on holidays alone. I would have rather stayed back home, then go all by myself. I always thought that people who told me, they like it much more to travel alone only say that because they don’t find someone who’s joining. that they lie to themselves just to be able to handle the situation.

some years have passed now and… what a surprise: nowadays I’m sometimes also enjoying it much more to travel on my own. I love to meet people on the road of course and you are never really alone when you travel without company, which is awesome!

before my “big journey” I’ve got two more weeks off at the end of this year’s october. and I wanna go surfing – in madeira or morocco or cyprus or israel. I couldn’t make up my mind, yet. the problem now is… how do I tell a friend of mine that I don’t want to take her with me???

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gimme more

if you have stopped by before, you might know about my upcoming longterm-surftrip to asia. but just yesterday, there was this feeling, that I might want more… because if I’m really on the road for a few months, shouldn’t I also catch a glimpse of the wonderful waves in central america? or south america? or australia? or perhaps even africa???

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what you really want

what would you do, if december 21 this year would really be the last day for us? if it was for sure.

quit your job? pack your backpack? go abroad? surf those waves you always wanted to? ask all people you have hurt in your life for forgiveness? tell the person who crosses your mind every day that you love him? make a baby just to know how it feels?

I would. but what am I supposed to do on december 22…?

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first surf-try in a river last saturday

hard one – but wanna do it again!!! :)))

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tell me

can you lead a stable, solid, steady life better or happier than one where you don’t know what tomorrow brings…?


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it’s beautiful in my country – there are blue rivers, green trees, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, colourful flowers, silver mountains and what not. but oh my gosh, how I miss those waves! it hurts…

so maybe I should start doing some surf-sessions russian-style:

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destiny destination

one year and one month ago, in the indian ocean, it all started.

I met travellers from israel and I realised that I don’t know much, almost nothing, about this part of the world, its religion, its people, its conflicts, its language, its ugliness and beauteousness. at that time, I rent a board whose shape has been so wow that I just had to have an equivalent.

eleven months ago there was another blow of fate – if this is a term that can be full of happiness and luck. I was blessed to get to know a very special soul, who kept me close to promised land.

two months ago I picked up my custom board, which is absolutely amazing, in old yafo.

one week ago – it has been raining cats and dogs and I’ve been bored back home after my latest surf trip – I had nothing better to do than join a friend on a meeting and… I met perhaps the one guy in my small town who is originally from tel aviv.

at the very moment I’m reading a book about an australian girl in india – and what is she writing about since 20 pages? israelis, judaism.

pleased to meet you!

or is this perhaps only the topic of bent cutlery in your drawer…?

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bono – 04:32

mencos honey, you are the best longboarder I’ve ever seen in my whole life and I keep my fingers crossed that the rest of the world will hopefully notice! hati-hati, dear…

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