on my own

some years ago I couldn’t imagine to go on holidays alone. I would have rather stayed back home, then go all by myself. I always thought that people who told me, they like it much more to travel alone only say that because they don’t find someone who’s joining. that they lie to themselves just to be able to handle the situation.

some years have passed now and… what a surprise: nowadays I’m sometimes also enjoying it much more to travel on my own. I love to meet people on the road of course and you are never really alone when you travel without company, which is awesome!

before my “big journey” I’ve got two more weeks off at the end of this year’s october. and I wanna go surfing – in madeira or morocco or cyprus or israel. I couldn’t make up my mind, yet. the problem now is… how do I tell a friend of mine that I don’t want to take her with me???

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5 thoughts on “on my own

  1. Every surfer is just another brother or sister you haven’t met yet… We’re never alone… (unfortunately in some cases)..

  2. yesss :) but there are some dudes who forget about that recently, perhaps because of the fact that the community is getting too big…

  3. always an hard question. i think most close friend can understand, unfortunately too may cannot, so the question remains.
    what to do?. what to do….? what to do??!!?
    sometimes people get hurt, but i think it is better than going around with someone we don’t want at that moment with us or around us. this is at least my experience.

  4. I will take her with me if she still wants to. I guess sometimes you have to put yourself second if you don’t wanna lose people you like. yom nisoin sameach.

    • i guess you meant yom ahava…

      i disagree about that statement but guess it is personal an divert from one to the other..

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