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happy multiculti easter

hey dear friends & followers,

we’ve been “celebrating” easter here in morocco yesterday: polish christians, austrian atheists and moroccan muslims coming together ;) and we discussed that it’s not about the festival, but more about coming together and spending time with friends and family. so… unite!

hang loose & take care


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a day with panorama surfschool taghazout

panorama surfguiding taghazout

1. driving to the secret spot and do some warm-up

panorama surfschool surfcamp taghazout - warming up at a secret spot

2. learn about surfing theory on the beach

panorama surfschool surfcamp taghazout - surf lesson theory

3. do dry exercises and then… hey! ho! let’s go!

panorama surfschool surfcamp taghazout - dry exercise, warming up and let's go

4. have heaps of fun in the water

panorama surfschool surfcamp taghazout - having heaps of fun in the water

5. our staff prepares beach tajine while we surf

panorama surfschool surfcamp taghazout - beach tajine

6. enjoy traditional moroccan food after our surf session :)

panorama surfschool surfcamp taghazout - enjoying traditional moroccan food at the beach after our surf session

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30 degrees celsius

it’s been 30 degrees celsius in the taghazout area the day before yesterday, but somehow only moroccan men think it’s been warm. it seems as if the local women here need it even warmer considering the outfits they wore… (attention: sarcasm!)

it's getting hot out there, so take off your clothes!

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it’s been a while…

hey surferfriends!

wow, I didn’t care about my blog for a rather long time. many things have changed in my life since I decided to travel the world searching for waves. I’m living in morocco by now with my bf. we’re trying to get our surfcamp/surfhostel started next winter season, we wanna start our own surflabel and I’m working online for europe to get some money before everything’s gonna be fine here.

el baz - surfwear made in africa

I hope you’re still with me! I’m also planning to become a bodyart-trainer back home in september, because many people ask me if I can teach yoga, which I can’t, but bodyart should be faster and easier to learn and teach afterwards. I’m really looking forward to shaping my body more and more.

sunny greetz from morocco to all of you out there, I missed you!

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