linguistic philosophy

it came to my mind these days that in the country of my bf, I’m considered “a tourist”. if my bf is in my country though, he is “a foreigner”. that is pretty sad…


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14 thoughts on “linguistic philosophy

  1. I’m always a foreigner. Even in my home country I always come from “that other region”. The most important is not to be a stranger:) You have the support of each other and that’s what’s important. Cheers:)

    • thank you, that’s so sweet. I think in my language “foreigner” and “stranger” are a little bit differently defined, maybe that’s why to me being called a “foreigner” makes me think of a bad, bad history…

    • love your point of view :)

  2. it depends on where are you, I think. In a tourist place one is a tourist and when living in a different country then a foreigner.

    • I cannot agree 100 percent although I’d like to ;) I really think being white (and blonde and a woman) makes you a tourist almost everywhere in the world, also in regions which are not really touristy. being darker makes you a foreigner. I wish I was wrong…

      • I have a blonde male friend who lived in Japan, in a small city somewhere south. he was a foreigner. always. for three years.
        I was a foreigner in bayern and a tourist in south east asia. no matter what.

        That is not to say that there is no different between white and black, or dark in your case. Just to put in some more shades.

      • toda raba dhyan, I cannot compete with your years and years of traveling experience. but I know you think what I wanted to say. but I love the shades you put in this discussion :*

      • toda raba dhyan, I cannot compete with your years and years of traveling experience. but I know you think what I wanted to say. I love the shades you put in this discussion :*

  3. I see what you mean, sadly. In the U.S., there is an odd situation in some regions. When the Irish, Germans, and Poles came here; they moved to the slums and were not welcome at first. Now they are a major fabric of our society. Their payback for now being in the mainstream…they see the new wave of visitors as a plague.

    A scientist type showed something interesting. In the 1700’s, New York and Charlotte were the centers of the eastern United States. Now, New York is bustling and Charlotte never prospered. Immigration made New York what it is today.

    Diversity improves business. It improves our outlook. One just has to view the other person as a human on the move and not an invader.

    And after a year plus…I am going to Brazil to finally see my other half…and to be a tourist.

    • awesome, thank you for your very interesting post! also to me it’s sometimes hard to see everybody in the same way, you know… positive discrimination is still discrimintation… so they say at least.

      do you have to wait one more year??? :(

      • It is not going to be easy but I am scraping by enough to get there next week. Only for a week and a few odd days but that will have to do. My last trip was right after I was laid off. I thought I would find employment fairly quickly so I stayed for almost a month. Surfed a lot and had a great time. How wrong I was…

        This trip is going to be a minimalist trip. No surfing. Just enjoying a week with someone I love. That is all that matters anyway.

      • all the best to you!!! I hope you enjoy(ed) it as much as possible!!!

  4. I love your post title “linguistic philosophy”, as it’s all it is philosophy Those expressions are all just a construct of our imagination. I agree with 1stpeaksteve in the base of it, we are all human, none is acctually different from one another… but isn’t fear for exsistance the very essence of what makes us human . . . don’t we all in some situations make other humans feel like tourists, forigners, “Gringos” or even strangers in order to somehow protect selves, family, nations . . .
    you’re right. It is sad. On this magical planet Earth that we equally share, no human feels equal on every part of the earth . . . and this amplyfys the fear and on and on we grow in fear to protect. To such extend that we round up hurting the very thing we’ve tried to protect.

    What could we do to break this down-spiriling cycle?

    • thanks, deep soul surfer! I think the world (at least people I meet traveling) is changing. it will be a f***ing long way to go, but we all come closer together and I hope we will mix up a lot more! love is the only solution to lose fear, I guess. everybody who is in a crossnational relationship has to talk and explain a lot to family and friends and this is the way to change opinions. have you seen this one: ?

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