(surfers) united

on our big surftrip to indonesia this summer we got to know many “bilateral surfercouples”. it was so beautiful to see how the world slowly but surely starts to unite. I’d love to have a group photo with all of them.


there have been l. from indonesia and m. from japan, then p. from thailand and t. from germany, e. from indonesia and t. from belgium who have a baby now and so on and so forth – just beautiful!

my blog doesn’t have enough traffic to do that, but I’d love to have hundreds of pictures of couples who are from different countries and doing fine! if you are such a couple or if you know one, please help me out.

I hope to have a nice collage or picture-video of many of us soon :)

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4 thoughts on “(surfers) united

  1. I surf too 😊 i didnt try the waves in bali but was able to enjoy kuta lombok and gilli island for a month – it was perfect! Of course, the locals can be a bit possessive with the waves but nothing serious, still great to surf without too much crowd! Planning a a france and portugal surf trip but it looks like its not gonna materialize this year! Morocco was amazing too! Tagine…best dish! Tell u what, u should try philippines! Its like being in thailand but way better bcoz people are more friendly ( i think! ), everyone speaks english, and there are amazing surf spots! 😊

    • oh… salt in my open wounds! we wanted to surf the philippines but air asia cancelled our flight. I hope I can make it soon!

  2. Though I don’t surf (I wish I did) I’m also part of a ‘bilateral’ couple – though I’d never heard that expression before. My husband is from Iran, I’m American-English. We live in Spain which can be a pretty backward country when it comes to the ‘bilateral’ thing. It’s opened my eyes a lot as to how immigrants get treated. Makes me really furious how people just assume they are sponging when they are the hardest-working, most generous people I know. Enjoy your travels, hope you get to meet more international couples!

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