love is the answer… or surfing

so… just a thought out of my crazy mind. if I convert to judaism and I get a baby with my boyfriend who is muslim – what religion does the little surfer have? as far as I know, in islamic tradition the kids have the religion of the father – and: in judaism they automatically have the religion of the mother! BINGO! so our kids would be jewlims? or mews? anyway, I think it would be a really good thing!

and if my theory doesn’t work out – at least we could try to surf together…

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9 thoughts on “love is the answer… or surfing

  1. actually most likely he would be both but none (religion, if that really matter) would really appreciate that.
    let him be human

  2. That seems like a pretty interesting film and it has Tom Curren in it so you can’t bag on the surfing!

    • yeah! unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet, but I hope I can soon! would be cool if there were palestinian surfers in there also – and girls!!! we have to check it out :)

      • They should represent surfers from all sides. Heck…I even believe that the more a country has surfers in its general population…the less wars they seem to be involved with. Sometimes however, my government seems to want to screw with my theory. So I am going with my second theory…if a country has a theme park…they seem less likely to be involved in wars! Ha ha ha!

  3. yeah, we should definitely tell obama to build a theme park in syria… ;(

  4. Thanks for posting. This looks like a really interesting movie. Thanks for stopping by my blog, your blog is great. I look forward to following.

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