airline troubles

yesterday I received a mail from seat24 that etihad airways didn’t accept our request to take our surfboards on the flight from kuala lumpur to denpasar and back. AND… hold on! today I got a mail from air asia that they will suspend their flights from denpasar (bali/indonesia) to clark (philippines) from june 15th on. if there are still seats available, we can MAYBE fly with another airline and they will book it for us or money back. fair enough!


but what to do now really? we can only stay 30 days in bali, no visa extension possible for my bf due to his place of birth. AND WITHOUT OUR BOARDS it makes no sense at all to fly anyway, because we don’t have the money to buy new ones in bali nor do we want to rent and pay for shitty boards when we got amazing (custom) ones back home! AAARGH!!!

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20 thoughts on “airline troubles

  1. Keep your head up, I’m sure everything will work out! Stay positive :)

  2. Got to love the airline industry…a surfer’s true friend.

    Well, I am glad you are going to see the bf though. It has been a year and a half for me and my other half. Pretty rough but we will get through this!

    • *lol*

      hell! when are you guys seeing each other again?

      thx for reminding me that I really shouldn’t complain about my life at the moment!

      • I am praying by the end of the year. It is such a long story but thankfully I am working now and dumping most of my paychecks into erasing my debts. Imagine you have a lot of money saved up and life is going great…you think you have enough money saved up to last a year. Well, if you are unemployed for a year and three months…no bueno!

        So now it is just living the life of a hermit…surfing with the gang on my rapidly decaying board…and working a lot. You got to do what you got to do!

    • tough… :( I hope you got to see each other soon again. that’s horrible! how did you get through such a long time???

  3. Bali is one of the most popular surf destinations in the world at the moment. Just like in other top surf locales such as California, Australia and Hawaii in Bali I bet you both can pick up decent boards for not too much money. There is even a pretty large board building industry there as well now meaning shapers prob have tons of team hand me downs they are dying to off for a good price. I would not worry about finding decent boards for an affordable price.

    Good Luck

    • thank you, I know. but I would have loved to take my own one… and it’s tiny troubles I don’t want to deal with ;)

  4. I believe the answer for your bf is a quick cheap flight to singapore/kuala lumpur on a budget airline. shouldn’t set you back that much.
    Remember you will need an outgoing flight from Bali or they won’t let you in.
    Agree with clisanti – plenty of decent boards in Bali to rent

    • thank you very much for your advice! do you know how long we would have to stay in another country until we can go back to indonesia?

      • You could return the same day if you wanted, but if it was me, i’d spend a night or two there.

    • oh cool – thx a lot :) I’ll keep you updated in here how everything turned out ;)

  5. Awww.. That’s heartbreaking! Did you make it to the Philippines? The waves are back here in the Philippines. Baler, Aurora and San Felipe, Zambales and La Union are the best spots near the capital city of the Philippines.

    • we’ll see – our flight would be in august, are there still waves and if yes, where?

      • Yes. The surfing season just started and will end by Feb or March next year. Same spots I’ve mentioned. Additional would be Samar and Surigao. But they’re southern part of the country. Another plane ride. :))

      • Hopefully to see you and surf with you and your boyfriend! Keep me posted. :D

    • thank you so much! I hope we make it :)

  6. Air Asia flies KL to Bali and lots of surfers use it. Cebu Pacific goes to Manila from Bali. So you’ve got travel options.

    • toda raba & shokran muhammad! you’ve got a very interesting name – muslim and jewish united – I really like that!

  7. seat24 told me I should ask etihad – so I did and they wrote:

    “Thank you for writing to us. With regards to your query, please be advised that surfing equipment are accepted within the free baggage allowance and will be charged as excess baggage if in access of free baggage allowance.

    For further information, may we suggest you contact our sales office in or near your town and our colleagues there shall assist you with pleasure.”

    so, we just take our boards now? devil may care???

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