surfergirls, I need your help!

the thing is… as much as I love sunshine and salt water… the combination “devours” my hair! what shall I do? put oil in it before my sessions? coconut butter? conditioner? shave it? ;)


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17 thoughts on “surfergirls, I need your help!

  1. If I were you I’d embrace it! I’m from Wisconsin & here we buy things to get that disheveled surfer look!!

    • *lol*, yeah… but believe me… in ten years I’m bald, if I don’t do anything about it… ;)

  2. Well I’m not a surfer girl, although I wish I was. But I am a hair dresser so I can help, I hope.LOL I’d suggest using a UV protecter hair product while you’re out in the sun. Phyto makes a good one I believe it’s called Protective Sun Veil. It’s made to be like a sun block for your hair. It works really well. If you want to try using conditioner in your hair instead, that could work too. But it has potential to weigh your hair down even after you wash it. I’d really suggest the hair product made to protect the your hair from the sun. I hope it works! =)

  3. I would use a heat spray protection, you should be able to get shampoo and conditioner with it in or just a spray. I wouldn’t worry about the salt, its actually really good for hair (I actually use salt spray to style mine sometimes), it does leave hair feeling rough but its nothing a good hair mask wont fix :) (herbal essences hello hydration is really good and smells amazing)

    Hope it helps :)

  4. Let me know when you have the answer :)

    • I think we’ve got some really good ideas here already – I hope, they will work and I hope, there are more to come! :) perhaps you can share this post – would be awesome! there must be more that we can do… like argan oil cure or I dunno…

  5. I would wet your hair first with water and than put oil or conditioner on it. This way the water and conditioner are absorbed first. The salt water can’t be absorbed very good anymore. xxx

  6. ha! look at that girls, evie johnstone just helped me out:

    • so, I guess argan oil is the key… why didn’t I bring it from my last trip to morocco… g*dd*mn*t! well, I’m back in morocco from january 5th to 17th… that should help ;)

      • fromthericefields

        Oil works wonders, both internally and externally, shouldn’t be without a jar of olive or coconut oil. I carry some with me all the time. Though I tend to eat it more than apply it.

  7. Jypsie

    I spent 2 years surfing and came back with nice bleached ends surfer hair but the split ends and condition of my hair was horrible. My sister is a hairdresser so she gave me this advice and my hair after only a few months is healthy again :

    1. Deep conditioning mask once a week I use : Joico K-pak intense hydrator
    2. Morrocan oil – Every morning or every night 2 pumps concentrating on the ends.
    3. She knows theres no way I’m staying away from the ocean so she suggested this as well : Matrix Biolage Sunsorials After-Sun Repair Spray

    • thank you so, so much jypsie! I will do exactly what you/she recommend/s! everybody seems to really believe in morrocan oil :)

  8. Lucidream7

    wouldn’r recomend to use chemicals! why not try coconut milk also here? it’s the best stuff i know of, whether its sun burn, mosquito bites, ect, ect… <3

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