colorful surf

hey guys and görls,

what do you think – should I get myself this wax for my next surftrip in january (morocco again)…?


did you already try colored wax? is it as good as any other one? will my wetsuit or lycra get much more dirty? if yes, can you wash it out easily? AND… which color shall I go for??? this is the baby, I want to use it on:


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15 thoughts on “colorful surf

  1. Honestly, it’s not advisable to use them in tropical weather because when the wax melts, it’s going to be all over the place. I used colored wax on my board two months ago and it was all good until it began to melt. Orange and pink looks cool on that board.

    • oh… but I’ll be in the supercold atlantic ocean in january… and I’ve got a black 4’5” wetsuit, so I guess, I’ll give it a try :) thx for the color-advice! 8)

  2. You should totally draw stuff with it! I’d like to see what pictures you can make! How will it look with multilayers of wax ? (unless you’re one of those super awesome people who actually cleans wax off their board, rather than waits till it’s black and nasty and so high you just about trip on it – like me :D)

    • yeah, I saw some stuff on the net… could be a whole new artform! but I’m sure, it already is – I just don’t know it, yet ;) *lol*

  3. Does it come in a very light brown? My board is a kind of wooden colour and it would be nice not to ruin it with white wax.

  4. so pretty! love those colors together

  5. Pink!;)

  6. Yeah its fun used to use all colours when I was young, but actually looked crap on the board, especially when you have beautiful art work on the deck already. Kinda like using colourful sunscreen you can get away with it at 14 but it never made anyone better looking. But hey self expression is a good thing, try for yourself.

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