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let’s just do it!

so… after spending hours and hours and days and weeks googling and calling embassies, I decided to just book the flights – after finding this:

what do you think? it’s mainly about my bf’s moroccan passport (which is still valid the requested time of six months after arriving in indo and the philis). should be alright, no?

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I wanted to book our flights from casablanca to jakarta and from denpasar to manila today. just to make sure that it’s true what the net says (visa-free indo for 30 days and visa-free philis for 21 days), I called the embassies in my country and they told me: moroccan citizens have to apply for a visa back home for indonesia and the philippines. I cannot find veryfying statements on the net! I’m going crazy! hopefully the embassies in morocco answer my mails soon, because I don’t have a clue what to do now…

why are some people on this planet blessed to travel wherever they want while others are cursed and punished just because of their place of birth??? ;(((

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I need your help…

aloha my beloved friends and followers,

you know that I’ve quit my job and I want to go to morocco to visit my boyfriend again in april 2013. in june or july we want to go together to indonesia and to the philippines, because he doesn’t need a visa for these countries. my love doesn’t have enough money for the flight though (he has never been anywhere outside his own country yet) and I’m not able to pay for him…

I know it is a big thing to ask and I’m not really feeling comfortable, but if you could help us with some euros, dirham, dollars, rupees, pesos, bahts, dinars, shekels or whatever – we would be more than happy and thankful! I will get in contact with every donator and see what I can give in return.

I really want to show my baby the lovely waves of the indian ocean soon :)


79,10 Euros


sponsors of any sort are very warm welcome – we are a “bilateral” surfercouple and happy to wear your surfbrand, surf your boards, test your sunblock, use your wax, fly your airline or whatever ;)

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