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check it out

a lovely friend of mine published his first book these days – you can check it out here :) I don’t know yet, if it’s good (ordered it this minute), but I love his mind, so I’m pretty sure it’s amazing!!!

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I am happy!

it’s spring where I live, the sun is gaining power again, I’m back at university after some years of hard work, I have an amazing boyfriend (although we are apart, but we will be together in the line-up again in less than four weeks), I will move to my new apartment in may and… I am happy! I’m really truly happy at the moment. the past years haven’t been easy and I forgot how it feels to be HAPPY! I’m so thankful that I am at the moment! I know that rollercoaster-life will have many ups and downs for me in the future, but I am finally able to savor every minute of my present happiness and it feels so damn good! :) I hope you are alright out there – enjoy it if you can! lots of sunhine to you -steph


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blue kiwi

you get out there, wait all day and jockey around until you get the wave. you make a couple of flashy maneuvers and come through a section that no one thinks you can make. you finish with flair at the whitewash end – and all of this for nothing, because when it’s done it’s gone. surfing is sort of a zen exercise, the philosophy of action being everything and result’s nothing. that’s the joy of surfing… to understand being in the moment.” (john milius)

thx for this one, ben! have fun in bali and see ya next year in sri lanka! ;*


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tell me

can you lead a stable, solid, steady life better or happier than one where you don’t know what tomorrow brings…?


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