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first step done

my kindle has arrived. I’m not very keen on those things, I don’t have a smartphone, no tablet and stuff, but I have to pack useful things for six months, so… I thought I will put my books together as one ;) and here it is, waiting to be filled for my journey. tell me, which books I should definitely take – I’d be very pleased and thankful for your help! :)

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new life

today is […] the first of the year you have chosen to start something new with your life“… – words from a very precious person of mine. and yes, he is right! finally it’s 2013. finally the year of my big planned adventure started. finally I will do something new and different. have a sunny new year and I hope we see each other at some of the most amazing surfspots on this beautiful planet!

hugs & kisses, peace & love -steph

surfergirl homestay

ps: on saturday I’m off to morocco again :)))

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hey guys and görls,

just a quick goodbye – in four hours I’m off and on my way to tamraght and taghazout (morocco). looking forward to telling you everything about this surftrip!

take care, hang loose, sunshine to you


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I can’t just wait!

everytime I’m on a surftrip I think I will be able to store the level of recreation and calmness. but after some weeks I’m so back in “normal life” again that I sometimes don’t even notice how bad this lifestyle is for my body and and especially for my soul.

reading helps me a lot to keep in a kind of healthy state and I think I really have to get an indoor hammock as soon as possible!

I’ve always been very much against yoga and stuff, because I thought, it’s just some stupid trend – but perhaps I should give it a try also… because hey – I’ve got more than half a year to spend as nice and cosy as possible before my big adventure!

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what a surfergirl needs on the road

hey there,

I added a new page to my blog with the title “what a surfergirl needs on the road” – it’s a list of useful things to take with you on your next surf trip! :)

I hope you enjoy it:

take care & hang loose


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on my own

some years ago I couldn’t imagine to go on holidays alone. I would have rather stayed back home, then go all by myself. I always thought that people who told me, they like it much more to travel alone only say that because they don’t find someone who’s joining. that they lie to themselves just to be able to handle the situation.

some years have passed now and… what a surprise: nowadays I’m sometimes also enjoying it much more to travel on my own. I love to meet people on the road of course and you are never really alone when you travel without company, which is awesome!

before my “big journey” I’ve got two more weeks off at the end of this year’s october. and I wanna go surfing – in madeira or morocco or cyprus or israel. I couldn’t make up my mind, yet. the problem now is… how do I tell a friend of mine that I don’t want to take her with me???

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