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allahu akbar (?)

wow, it’s been our first day of ramadan and it was really hard. I decided to join my bf, because it’s just not nice to eat and drink when he cannot. but did you know that it’s also forbidden to use perfume? well, so we will be hungry stinkers for one month ;) the hardest part is that I’m not allowed to touch my bf during daylight – no kisses, no hugs, nothing. well…


they say, it doesn’t make any sense to do ramadan without praying – it’s like a donkey who stands in the sun all day long. but do religious traditions make a sense at all? I say, if you believe in them, yes. I like rituals and traditions, although they are not mine. I like eating apples and honey at rosh hashana and believe in a good new year, although I’m not jewish (yet). and I have to lose some weight anyway, so why don’t do ramadan?

we’re in! let’s see for how long…

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very inspiring blogger award – thank you! :)

thx to this amazing guy here, I got my second blogger award since I started the page some months ago! :)

and as you’ve read before, I just cannot cope with rules… *lol*, sorry!


anyway, let’s start with the “seven interesting things about myself”:

* born christian, long-time atheist, thinking about converting to judaism now, engaged to a muslim (interesting enough?)

* surfing is pretty much everything that’s on my mind since I started taking this “drug” in september 2009

* I have lots of piercings and some tattoos (but I will take out most of the piercings soon maybe)

* I used to be a music journalist for a rock magazine and I’m known for talking on the radio

* I quit my job, I’m studying again and shanti is coming back to me :)

* I’m falling in love with the idea of having our own surf restaurant/shop/camp

* I want a baby… (omg-d, it’s getting personal, good that there’s no 8th interesting thing I have to write down now) ;)


now it’s getting hard… I have to announce 15 (!!!) bloggers for this award??? sorry, I cannot do this. but here is one: – nice, charming, helpful and you should really visit this page if you are married to surfing as we are :)))


night night


ps: I don’t think the award certificate is very nice, so I dropped that too…

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