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golden dreams

the story of rabbi eisik, son of rabbi yekel in cracow… after many years of great poverty, which had never shaken his faith in g-d, he dreamed that someone bade him looking for treasure under the bridge which leads to the king’s palace in prague. when the dream recurred the third time he set out for prague. but the bridge was guarded day and night and he did not dare start digging. nevertheless he went to the bridge every morning and kept walking around it until evening. finally, the captain of the guards, who had been watching him, asked in a kindly way whether he was looking for something, or waiting for someone. rabbi eisik told him of the dream which had brought him from a faraway country. the captain laughed, ‘and so to please your dream you wore out your shoes to come here! you poor fellow. and as far as having faith in dreams, if I had had it I should have had to go to cracow and dig for a treasure under the stove in the room of a jew – eisik, son of yekel! that’s what the dream told me. and imagine what it would have been like; one half of the jews over there are called eisik, and the other half yekel!’ and he laughed again. rabbi eisik bowed, traveled home, dug up the treasure from under his stove, and built the house of prayer which is called reb eisik’s shul.

you can read this story in many different ways, but at the very moment, it is reminding me of the fact that I have a treasure laying around, waiting for me to publish it. it could make my 6-months-surftrip a lifelong one! but I’m too lazy to sit down and go for it! can you believe it? too bad…

AND SHIT! I just saw that for the first time in my life I’m overchecking my bank account! HELL!

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