so I did it! just now I booked our flights from morocco to bali, from bali to the philippines, from the philis back to bali and from bali back to morocco. we will stay for 8 weeks from july till september!

if you know any cheap and nice places we could stay, it would be very cool if you could leave us a comment – thank you surferfriends all over the world! hope you also planned your next surftrip already :)

asia we are coming

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6 thoughts on “excited

  1. We are so excited for you! My publicist tried surfing once, she wasn’t very good but she had a blast and totally understands the passion.

    check tripadvisor. We find travelers can be pretty honest. Can’t wait to read about your trip!!xo LMA

  2. Ankur

    Are you aware about couchsurfing.org?? If you love to travel and meet new people then you should definitely check it out.
    Also globalfreeloaders.com might turn out to be helpful for international trips. May you have an awesome time. :)

  3. You should visit Pandawa Beach and geger beach in Bali. those are my fave. And also watch Kecak dance in uluwatu temple during the sunset…very beautiful :)


  4. Good for surf in Bali: Padang Padang Beach, Kuta Beach, Dream Land, and many more. Have a nice trip… :D

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