let’s just do it!

so… after spending hours and hours and days and weeks googling and calling embassies, I decided to just book the flights – after finding this:



what do you think? it’s mainly about my bf’s moroccan passport (which is still valid the requested time of six months after arriving in indo and the philis). should be alright, no?

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4 thoughts on “let’s just do it!

  1. Go for it…

    • today I will get “hänsel” back, then I have to pay for him and then I will do it! I will do it! I will do it!!! ;)

  2. Go for it. 6 months valid travel document upon arrival in Indonesia and visa can be applied at the arrival hall, I believe.

  3. I DID IT – JUST NOW!!! AAAHHH!!! :)))

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