very inspiring blogger award – thank you! :)

thx to this amazing guy here, I got my second blogger award since I started the page some months ago! :)

and as you’ve read before, I just cannot cope with rules… *lol*, sorry!


anyway, let’s start with the “seven interesting things about myself”:

* born christian, long-time atheist, thinking about converting to judaism now, engaged to a muslim (interesting enough?)

* surfing is pretty much everything that’s on my mind since I started taking this “drug” in september 2009

* I have lots of piercings and some tattoos (but I will take out most of the piercings soon maybe)

* I used to be a music journalist for a rock magazine and I’m known for talking on the radio

* I quit my job, I’m studying again and shanti is coming back to me :)

* I’m falling in love with the idea of having our own surf restaurant/shop/camp

* I want a baby… (omg-d, it’s getting personal, good that there’s no 8th interesting thing I have to write down now) ;)


now it’s getting hard… I have to announce 15 (!!!) bloggers for this award??? sorry, I cannot do this. but here is one: – nice, charming, helpful and you should really visit this page if you are married to surfing as we are :)))


night night


ps: I don’t think the award certificate is very nice, so I dropped that too…

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3 thoughts on “very inspiring blogger award – thank you! :)

  1. Keep up the good writing Steph :) Thanks for the link !!

  2. Sukran :)

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