highway of broken dreams

I have been on the freeway today… suddenly my car became slower and I saw that it ran extremely hot. so I called the wreckers and in the garage they told me that it’s most likely done. the repair could cost 3.000 dollars and more. if that is true, my surftrip died today… ;(

hänsel, I will miss you:


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6 thoughts on “highway of broken dreams

  1. Oh so bad… Have you though on asking a mechanic school or some places where you help repairing… You can find that in France, maybe where you live as well… Would reduce the invoice… Good luck

    • I don’t think we have that, we’ve only got black labor ;) but thank you so much for your words! sunshine to you :*

  2. What did they say was the problem? $3 ger is most likely and engine or transmission. Sorry to hear about that. Safe & Happy Travels!

    • I guess I’ve been lucky that my cam belt didn’t snap – the water pump had a problem and they are renewing it and also the cam belt has to be exchanged. I hope that we will stop at 1.000 dollars now, as the engine hasn’t yet been affected. but who knows…

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear these bad news :(
    Your dream will come true, I believe in it and I know you’ve been working so hard to achieve it. Sending you sunshine and hugs from Israel!

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