I just returned back home from surfing morocco again (third time in six months) and what did I see? 300 followers!!! thank you!!! :)))


you surely heard about the lion air crash in bali! a friend of mine was surfing the airport left when it happened. here’s what he wrote:

Ok so im surfing airport lefts…a nice break next to the bali runway…and we watch a plane literally overshoot the landing and crash into the ocean on the right hander reef. Talk about crazy thing to see happen right next to u in the surf! Passengers got out onto the wing and appeared ok. Google lion air crash if u wanna look.

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6 thoughts on “bismillah

  1. Stopped flying Lion after the first two crashes… Hope you guys scored in Morocco :)

    • so you take air asia? do they transport boards as well?

      • I’m pretty sure Air Asia charges for surfboards. But if you fly Garuda they provide a sports luggage allowance – they also process immigration onboard.. so you avoid those long cattle queues when you land…

  2. thanks a thousand times! because I didn’t know garuda by now! see you in indo!? :)

  3. No worries. Leaving Indo again in a bit – still not surfing due to injury – but hope you guys hava gr8 trip :)

  4. Hey, headed to Morocco in July (after Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and Spain haha) any tips for must do’s, must not’s and anything in between? Cheers,

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