searching for a left next to a longboard wave

does anyone of you know spots in asia , where a really nice left is next to a longboard wave? the thing is: I have to find destinations where I’m happy and also my goofy-boyfriend can surf properly :)


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16 thoughts on “searching for a left next to a longboard wave

  1. wishing you good luck! unfortunately i don’t have any clue about surfing, but because of your beautiful blog, this might change one day sooner or later ;-)

  2. Siargao in the Philippines! Also in Baler. :)

  3. Balian…

    • is it crowdy there? I have to admit that I don’t really like b***, I’m not a big party girl… more a hammock one ;) oh, and if you think it would be okay for me – are there cheap places to stay as well? like 10 dollar huts or sth?

    • hello my friend – I have another question – if we’d really go to balian and medewi (it’s so funny, I never really wanted to return to bali, but people keep telling me it would be the best solution for salah and me), do you think I could cope with the waves? I’m a little bit afraid, because I read many articles where they say, the biggest months are july and august – I don’t want to sit on the beach and watch, you know… and second: do you think we find a room on site ( I normally do that in asia, but bali is different) or do we have to book in advance? thank you so much – hope to hear from you soon! :*

  4. My boyfriend’s a surfer, me not (not yet – I really want to try it! I’ve tried surfing once in September and loved it, this Friday I’m going to repeat it, I can’t wait!), and also we’re living in a long distance relationship. So far the distance isn’t that big, but soon it’s gonna change to two different countries… I wish you all the best!:)

  5. Medewi up the West Coast of Bali, near to Balian.
    Enjoy the trip!

  6. Surf properly??? This surely would indicate going either left or right. Either get him to work on his backhand or go to Indo, nearly all lefts!

    • :D we’ve been to indo two months now ;) and bf is a better backside-rider than most surfers are on their front :)

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