I am happy!

it’s spring where I live, the sun is gaining power again, I’m back at university after some years of hard work, I have an amazing boyfriend (although we are apart, but we will be together in the line-up again in less than four weeks), I will move to my new apartment in may and… I am happy! I’m really truly happy at the moment. the past years haven’t been easy and I forgot how it feels to be HAPPY! I’m so thankful that I am at the moment! I know that rollercoaster-life will have many ups and downs for me in the future, but I am finally able to savor every minute of my present happiness and it feels so damn good! :) I hope you are alright out there – enjoy it if you can! lots of sunhine to you -steph


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3 thoughts on “I am happy!

  1. Feeling the joy…

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