first step done

my kindle has arrived. I’m not very keen on those things, I don’t have a smartphone, no tablet and stuff, but I have to pack useful things for six months, so… I thought I will put my books together as one ;) and here it is, waiting to be filled for my journey. tell me, which books I should definitely take – I’d be very pleased and thankful for your help! :)

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10 thoughts on “first step done

  1. I don’t know where you go, and it is a bit too late perhaps,
    but I would take none, maybe one…..

    a first step is a wonderful step.

    • *lol* thanks dhyan. yes, a bit too late. but I will take “indina” for sure… ;) and wow, yeah! it’s getting serious now!!! can you believe it?!?!?! :)))

  2. yes.. like said – sorry

    i don’t need to believe it, if anyone needs than it is you. and you also need not believe but live. to where and when is ur ticket?

    • toda for your words :) I don’t have it yet, there are still some things to do… moving to another appartement and hoping that my bosses sign my sabbatical. first destination: morocco. second hopefully: sri lanka :)

  3. Did not think I’d be into the Kindle, but I love it! Love it!

  4. Anna Scott Graham

    In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan, if they have it!

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