surfmovies to take

I watched “chasing mavericks” yesterday for the first time and… yes… I cried. I didn’t know it’s a true story and I didn’t know it’s such strong stuff at times.

so, this leads me to the topic of “which movies to take with me while I’m surfing the world”?


of course:

for sure:

and also:

what else? please don’t suggest “blue crush” *lol* – also no documentaries, because I don’t want to skip the joy of escapism! ;)

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12 thoughts on “surfmovies to take

  1. I remember a movie that left me quite impressed: “In god’s hands” by Zalman King. It’s a surfer movie with huuuuge waves, but although I loved the sporty style of it, the movie had a stupid love story thing which I found a bit superficial. Nevertheless, I would recommend it to people who love big waves and cute surfer guys ;)

  2. too funny watched Point Break again the other day…what a classic…and I cried watching Soul surfer :S

    have you seen ‘deeper shade of blue’? can def recommend it. It’s not a movie but a docu well worth watching.

    oh and not to forget…how about some episodes of Baywatch? It’s pretty bad I know but then you don’t see Kelly with hair every day…

  3. I like this collection! Just back from Morocco :-)

    • wow, so cool! where exactly have you been??? hope to be able to go there again in april :)

      • Why April? :-) Casablanca (not impressed), Adagir, Tiznit areas + Essaouira -> amazing places! Which place are you going?

      • I still have to work here ;) oh, I’m mainly going to taghazout for the third time, because my boyfriend lives there…

  4. I know it’s crap, but he’s such a babe…

  5. Melali by Drifting Productions. I watch it on loop sometimes, it is so beautiful and mesmerizing. I especially love that there are so many moments where the only audio-layer of the film is the sound of the waves… it’s extra nice when you’re in a part of the world where there are no waves and/or it’s freezing cold.

  6. Nice movies! I haven’t seen one of it but I will once I have the time. :)

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