surfers unite!

I am in a (more or less) relationship with a moroccon surfer since last year, end of october. it’s amazing, awesome, fascinating and exciting but on the other hand – of course – also challenging, weird, exhausting and difficult sometimes.

we share the passion for surfing, for music, the sun, the ocean and for each other. I don’t know if this is enough, but I will definitely give it a try. every now and then I’m telling another friend or relative about my love. some of them react positive and are happy that I’m happy. but many of them are against our international “project”.

it was really a devastating experience for me to see some of my “oh so” academic and cosmopolitan friends behave like fucking nazis (sorry, I’m exaggerating here). they don’t think our love is true, they think he’s in me because of financial issues, they think we don’t have a future.

maybe they are right, but you know what!? I have to give it a try, because I’m not into a black man, not into a muslim, not into a poor fellow – I’m in love with a human being.


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24 thoughts on “surfers unite!

  1. Life’s too short… not to follow your heart :)

  2. lzbthcldwll

    My husband and I met online shortly before New Years 2000. We were married in 2003 and are still wonderfully happy. Those years of trans-continental dating were difficult – but so worth it.

  3. Life is pretty empty with out love. Embrace it in whatever form it comes in.

  4. onolisicious

    “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    Follow your heart, no matter what others may say!

    • you know what I need to hear, thank you so much again! the bad thing is that negative energy surrounds me and I’m getting far too sensitive and clairaudient about what my boyfriend says or does… also being apart from each other doesn’t help, because… you know… too many beautiful surfergirls out there… (please my dear brain, stop thinking!!!)

  5. Well, I heard that some people even moved to Israel after the desperately fell in love with an Israeli ;-)
    Life is a miracle and there are so many paths to take.
    You never know which is the best one, but are you supposed to walk only the easiest ways or the ones that others have taken already??
    Mazal tov to you!

  6. I hope it all works out for you. You certainly can’t do anything better than following your heart and being true to yourself. Best of luck and ignore the naysayers!

  7. Ah now you are turning into a real surfer, I have been in and out of similar situations half my life it seems sometimes. What do you do if the people your attracted to don’t live next door, and they are from far away lands and very different backgrounds. You enjoy what the world offers you and it can be draining emotionally and financially but you do it anyway because that is what feels right for you and it’s who you are.
    No answers just letting you know you are not the only one.

    • “now you are turning into a real surfer” – wow, thank you so much!!! :))) this sentence is really nice to read and stare at ;)

      and it’s better then the one most people use these days (“now you are turning into a complete freak”…)

  8. Hi Stephsoul, thanks for stopping by at my blog “parisdreamtime”…I guess you liked the word and image of “summer”:) …When I read your story hear this comes to my mind: “try to live YOUR life and not the life of someone else”! You sound full of energy, love and life, good luck for your international project:) greetings from Paris, Andrea

  9. Thank you for stopping by our blog: Joe & Wendy / a lifetime in a boat.
    I met Wendy in a bar in 1980. Actually, she picked me up with the line “why don’t you an I ride off into the sunset together”.
    I rode a bad ass Harley then. At first I thought she was like all the others and just wanted a V-Twin thumping under her ass. But, you know what, we have never since spent a night apart (aside from her visiting with her family and I dogsitting at home, LOL).
    My heart pretty soon figured out she wanted more than just my bike! Follow your instinct and keep your heart above your head.

    Capt. Joe

    • wow! thank you captain! 32 years… I wish to experience the same true love… I will remember your words!

  10. Funny to read this as I am in a relationship with a girl from Chile! Same as you, many friends at first act stupid about it…but for now I think we proved them it is real! Do your thing, follow your heart and you will see what happens!

    • great lars! am happy for ya! we still have to prove it’s real and I really don’t know if it is. when I’m with him, I’m quite sure about it. when I’m back home, every now and then I question it, but time will tell and I will fight for us…

    • …that might also be an age-thing, because you know, after having been through some stuff, I am not as confident anymore than with 18… but that’s perhaps again just a girl-thing… or just a stephsoul-thing ;) *lol*

  11. I know what you mean, and i got moments I think about it alot, and then again you have to tell yourself to go with the flow! At least our lives isn’t boring ;)!

  12. Love your heart out. For you.

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