vegetarian surfing

it’s been a while since I found the energy to post again. my beloved cat sangeeta (also called sunny) died on december 17th and I had spent the two weeks before that tragic moment at veterinarians. I will miss her forever (I guess only people who also have/had pets can understand these sentences…) – R.I.P. my darling…


telling you about her reminds me now that I wanted to share an experience with you I underwent in morocco on my last surf trip at the end of october this year. it has been during the days of “eid al-adha”, the feast of the sacrifice. reams of sheep had to die these days.

my friend and I had a vegetarian dinner in a little restaurant in taghazout and heard bloodcurdling screams – we saw three sheep, laying on their backs on top of a landrover defender, their feet tied together in pairs. they didn’t stop shrieking. after five minutes the driver jumped again in his car and off they went.

killing and eating animals is one thing, scaring the shit out of helpless beings is a crime in my humble opinion! so my dear friends, think of me and get yourself some nice veggie food on your next surftrip…

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12 thoughts on “vegetarian surfing

  1. I’m so sorry to hear the bad news and I totally understand your feelings :(
    A lot of people don’t even realize that they are eating an animal. Of course they know they ordered a steak, but they don’t deal with the idea that the food has once been an animal which probably had to die a cruel death.

    • that is so true saskia! thx for your comment. I remember my aunt getting very angry with me because I told my little cousin that he is eating animals (he was a little child back than). he didn’t want to eat meat and stuff anymore. he does now again and he is also big enough to understand, but well… it was an interesting experience to see a child behave like that.

  2. Losing a “pet” is exactly like losing a child. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is one of the hardest things to live through. But live through we must. I am also vegetarian and a surfer here in NW FL. Awareness is the key to changing the world around you. Live your life as a glowing example and people will naturally come around in time. I am very excited about your surf trip. Your blog is exactly what I am looking for on the web. I am now following. Good luck!

    • thank you so much for your words! I’m excited about what I will read on your blog – I’m following now too :)))

  3. Condolences… losing a pet can be like losing a family member. We lost our 18 month old (Siamese/Bali) cat 2 months ago while we were away. The people in charge of his wellbeing said he just dissapeared. In some way I wish he’d died in a manner known to us – because as a missing pet – it’s impossible to achieve closure emotionally. May your Sunny rest in peace…

    • thank you! I hope that sangeeta and your baby cat are happily playing together in rainbowland…

  4. Nora

    sorry to hear about your kitty, Steph.
    It’s weird… The more time I spend in the ocean, the less I desire meat. Just eating mostly fruit, veggies and toast!

  5. Sorry to hear about your cat, Steph. We had to let Kona, our Lab go, a year and a half ago at the vet. She made it 14 1/2 years on this earth and was a great pet. So I understand the tears.

  6. Sorry about your kitty, it’s never easy. They leave such a big hole in our hearts when they depart. Sending you peace.

    RPRT Photo

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