it’s almost one week since we’ve returned from our surftrip to taghazout/morocco, so I guess I should really keep going (as hard as it is) and tell you a little bit about this stinky, though lovely surfers’ village.

we’ve arrived in the middle of the night after a three or more hours drive from marrakesh. it was cold and rainy and our taxi driver had no heating in his old mercedes-benz, so we had to drive with open windows, because when we closed them, they were filming over with condensation and our driver couldn’t see a thing. so far so freezing.

finally in taghazout we checked in to our room, well – I don’t know if you can actually call it a room, it was more kind of a big broom closet with two beds and no window, which is actually quite popular in this region, so I wasn’t too worried about it. and anyway far too tired to care at all.

when we woke up in the morning and went to the community terrace, we saw this to the left…

…and this to the right…

…so I straightly went up to the rooftop to have a larger view of this fantastic spots, but then I saw this…

ok, so there is hardly any booze available in this lovely little village, but if I had a rooftop with one of the greatest surfspot-views in the whole world and I cannot open an open air pub up there, I would at least make it cosy. and you don’t even need a lot of money for it. some old mattresses and cushions, some plant pots and you’re done! or what about a small rooftop café with a fabulous view over hash and anchor point? or even a rooftop “hostel” (like you have it in jerusalem for example) where surfergirls and -boys can sleep under a starry sky?

I guess there’s only one solution: I have to buy (well, being realistic about it, rent) something there and make my dreams come true! :)

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11 thoughts on “rooftopping

  1. Hey! great to see a post from Taghazout! I’ll go there for my Christmas holidays and I really hope to find a view like the yours! How about the surf? Good conditions? some advices

    Thank you in advance

  2. hey andrea!

    I don’t know how good you are – if your take-off is fast and steady, you will have lots of fun in morocco. if you are and “advanced beginner” like me, you will have to fight a lot ;) but I had some nice sessions – one at mystery’s and some at devil’s rock.

    as I’m used to the indian ocean it was a bit disappointing for me that many waves around taghazout just closed out the two weeks we’ve been there. and it also rained, so it was a bit messy.

    you have to be careful at anchor point not to kill yourself ;) but killer’s point should be fun *lol* and I guess the conditions could be better in december. you have to tell me how you liked it! I wish I could be there around new year’s eve as well. we’ll see… it depends, if a person there wants to see me again or not ;)

    people in taghazout and tamraght are sooo chilled! you will have an amazing time there 8)

    hang loose & enjoy

  3. go for your dream.
    well.. if it is not a day dream ;)

  4. I should have written instead “I should buy (well, being a little bit more realistic about it, rent) something there to make my naive daydreams come true!” ;)

  5. Probably we will see there, I also spend the new year’s eve there!! We can share a session or two and why not, a beer at your brand new bar ;)!

    Let me know

  6. SAKEE

    I was in Morocco in October and had a great time but we didn`t got time to go to the coast.
    *why not follow your dreams, isn`t that a point of living? and making it come true?

    • yeah, it should be the point, right? but I guess many “dreams” or “ideas” of mine switch too fast and easy. I will go for my surftrip next year, that’s for sure. but all those other litte “dreams”… I’m not so sure about them ;)

  7. João Bracourt

    The Slab is the wave! After Boilers!

  8. Hey, haow about your rooftop?? Hope everything is fine! I’ll write to you just to let you know that my visit to Taghazout was awsome!!
    This is a short clip that I’ve made during my holidays….Best Christmas holidays ever, sun and waves!!!

    Enjoy your life and spend as more days as possible in that beautiful place!

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