the girl is back in town

yes, I’m back home. no, I don’t like to be.

morocco was dirty, smelly, messy, scary and sometimes rainy. but in moments also sunny, funny, lovely, sexy, earthy and hearty. I miss you…

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8 thoughts on “the girl is back in town

  1. I agree some places are dirty and smelly, we saw markets with selling meat exposed to flies and the black magic shops where quite scary, however most experiences where magical. One night at dinner at our hotel a sandstorm started, despite having sanding blowing all over us it was a great experience, since in England the chances of a sandstorm are quite slim :) I’m glad you had fun

    • we have been there at the sheep festival – as I am a vegetarian for over 16 years, you can imagine how I felt. but then there were also human encounters who made this trip worth it. you know, seeing how people really live there. and it’s anything but glamorous. I slept with my baby in his shanty for four nights. we had to move the mattress when it rained because there were many spots the rain came through. but I liked it much more than any hotel room in the whole world! because it’s real…

  2. Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed. Sorry for posting something off topic, but yesterday I was in the cinema and I thought of you when they showed a preview for a surfer movie:

    Did you hear about this one already? Well, acutally, I’m sure you did! ;-)

    • wow saskia! that is so nice of you! thank you, dear! yes, I’m actually looking forward to seeing this movie for months already ;) when does it start? in january? thx a lot, dear :)

      • Bekef :) In Israel the movie starts before january, I think it’s supposed to run from next week on. Let me know how you liked it. I think I will also watch it :)

  3. La Maison by Karine

    Thanks for stopping by La Maison! Great blog!

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