the first number which cannot be counted with a human’s ten fingers…

…thx to summerteifi, I’m nominated for the “liebster blog award”, whatever that is ;) but if I got that right, it’s like a chain letter: I have to tell you eleven random things about myself, I have to answer summerteifi’s eleven questions and I have to nominate another eleven bloggers asking them eleven questions. if not, I will problably rot in hell forever, my legs transform into sodium (atomic number eleven) and suffer from eleven years of bad luck. but as I am more or less unlucky since 2007, it wouldn’t really change my life ;)

let’s do it:

I celebrated my 30th birthday under the motto “be part of the first anniversary of my 29th birthday”; my dad is a soldier and my all-time-hero; I have been a huge fan of boysetsfire for many years; I once wanted to get a tattoo that would have said “sangeet meri jan hai” which is hindi and means “music is my life”; I would like to experience how it would be to be part of a self-sustaining, organically operating mini-farmer hippie-commune; I am a vegetarian for over sixteen years already; sometimes I like my job, sometimes I really truly, madly, deeply hate it; I don’t fall in love easily, but if, then superdeep (and most of the time without safety rope); I have coincidentally written an unpublished book together with somebody else; due to my job I met many musicians and it’s a real shame that brandon boyd is not only indescribably handsome, but also supernice (but he is a little cross-eyed, thank g-d he’s not one hundred percent perfect); I love my custom surfboard which I ordered at hani’s in tel aviv yafo

that’s been the first eleven! let’s answer summerteifi’s questions:

if I had to go to one special place right now, it would be arugam bay in sri lanka; my favourite relaxation program is surfing, because it somehow really cleans my mind; my favourite flower is the corn poppy; when I’m with friends my favourite thing to do is camping; oh, that’s a nice one… the track I’m listening to at the moment twentyfour seven is joey cape’s and tony sly’s “international you day”; writing helps me to bring my thoughts in order somehow, but I often need the feedback of other people to be really satisfied; I started blogging only because of an acquaintance and I guess it’s helping me to stay on my path for next year’s big surftrip; I would really like to be a suricate, because they live in groups and take such good care of each other; the first thing when I woke up this morning was yelling “shit” because I didn’t want to go to work; george clooney, gerad butler or johnny depp? who the f*** is gerald butler??? I would have to go for johnny depp but only and really only in the role of jack sparrow! :); where is question number eleven, summerteifi?

and now I’m breaking the rules (and rot in hell forever and you know the rest…):

I will only nominate two of my followers here and now, because it’s them who make me happy whenever I see that they posted something new. two is a nicer number then eleven anyway – it’s the atomic number of helium which makes your voice funny when inhaling it. it’s an important number in judaism, you know, noah and the ark and so on. the chinese say “good things come in pairs” and if you perhaps once read “brida” you will know that I got a really romantic and spiritual feeling about it. these are my eleven questions for you guys (I’m not breaking this rule, see! *lol*):

what are you most afraid of? do you believe in soulmates? what does “home” mean to you? do you believe in being a happy single? what’s your favourite place on this planet and why (is that two questions or one – oh la la, I’m breaking the rules again…)? what is love? how many languages do you speak (am I now still allowed to ask which ones)? what do you think or feel about the atheist-trend in the western world? my dream is to quit my job and travel next year – what is yours? do you sleep in pyjamas, shorts, a t-shirt or perhaps even naked? do you like my blog? ;)

and the nominees go to:




…and this is the longest post I have ever written in my wordpress-career, so for now, layla tov, good night, bonne nuit, gute nacht, shub ratri, god natt, selamat tidur and sweet dreams to all of you! ;*

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5 thoughts on “the first number which cannot be counted with a human’s ten fingers…

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  2. this is such an awesome post! i definitely enjoyed reading it :) hey, and by the way, i’m a vegetarian too ;)

  3. Thanks :)
    I was very touched. It took me a while, but I’ve “answered” you:

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