surfergirl dreams

actually I’m spending much time on google maps these days ;) and today it came to my mind – what do you think of that:

india — sri lanka — andaman and nicobar islands — lombok — philippines — hawaii — costa rica — israel (and then perhaps home again one day) ;)

I’m so pleased with this tour plan! so, if you know someone who wants to sponsor me – feel free to send me a message! ;)

oh… but where am I going to put the waves of east africa (kenya, mozambique, madagascar) in…?

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11 thoughts on “surfergirl dreams

  1. You definitely need to come around and try our waves in Portugal, while on your surf trip ;) and surfing Africa . . . sounds like a good, wet (from waves) dream ;)

    • I’ve already been to sagres once, but the atlantic is so damn aggressive… well, we’ll see how “he” treats me in morocco in three weeks. but all in all, I’m more an indian ocean girl ;)

  2. Just come to Lisbon!:D

  3. East Africa before Israel..?

  4. Where are you from? I love reading your travel thoughts! I’ve noticed you liking and following our blog, thank you! It got me to your blog, and I started reading your travel columns. What would you think about guest blogging on I could create a column for you in our travel column called “Travel Thoughts.” Or maybe Travelgirl World? Let me know what you think?

  5. As a “seasoned” ocean girl, I love reading about all of your ocean and surfing adventures. Very cool! Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. Surf on! xo

    • thank you so much! and I hope, I can be able to watch the “happy”-documentary soon… because it’s time…

  6. Hello Kimber

    hope you had a good time in the philippines!

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