I can’t just wait!

everytime I’m on a surftrip I think I will be able to store the level of recreation and calmness. but after some weeks I’m so back in “normal life” again that I sometimes don’t even notice how bad this lifestyle is for my body and and especially for my soul.

reading helps me a lot to keep in a kind of healthy state and I think I really have to get an indoor hammock as soon as possible!

I’ve always been very much against yoga and stuff, because I thought, it’s just some stupid trend – but perhaps I should give it a try also… because hey – I’ve got more than half a year to spend as nice and cosy as possible before my big adventure!

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5 thoughts on “I can’t just wait!

  1. Where on a surf trip are you?
    by the way -I was also much against yoga . . . it was way too “new age” for me . . . but it’s surely the most valuable decision in all areas of my life. Really.
    And the thing that got me started was. “Hey, If Kelly is doing it . . .maybe there just something to this.”
    The effect . . . It’s almost unbelievable!

  2. You can incorporate some yoga slowly without “doing yoga” There are a number of stretches I do that are from yoga and help immensely with different issues I have. I can imagine as a surfer you would want to be flexible and more limber. If done regularly it can also help tone different muscle groups. I do not surf, but I feel you on the indoor hammock. I have thought of getting a stand and actually replacing my bed with a a hammock one of these days. :)

    • hey there!

      thx a lot for your words – I think, I should really give it a try. do you think I do have to take classes for it? or is there a do-it-yourself-homepage somewhere out there?

      hammocks rule! ;)
      golden dreams

      • I think if you could probably get by with follow along beginner videos found online, however a group class might be beneficial if they are reasonably priced and it might provide you a solid base if you planned to fully practice it as its own entity,

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