more n’ more

do you know the feeling of always wanting more? more hours of that beach party. more pages of that fabulous book. more days of summer. more waves per session. more of that skin…

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7 thoughts on “more n’ more

  1. onolisicious

    I know this feeling, it’s getting better once you are getting older :-)

    • hell, how much older do I have to get?!?!?!

      • onolisicious

        I don’t know .. maybe it is not only a question of getting older. Maybe it’s the point that at certain points of your life you automatically get the things you have desired earlier. Or things just shift and you set your priorities in a different way.

  2. The day you stop wanted more is the day you might as well dig a hole and bury yourself. contentment is for the boring.

  3. more summer, more sound, more surf…its going to get cold here in NYC soon, but there’s still more life.

    Here’s to getting lost in the more :)

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