New art show in Bat Yam features Hani Surfboards

my shaper! check him out :)))

hani surfboards

Surf Writers is in innovative new art show connecting beach life to urbanism.

Israels top graffiti artists joined together with Hani surfboards to create beautiful works of art from old and broken surfboard. The urban recycling of what was once wave riding machines makes us preticulary proud to be a part of the special project.

what we love to see is that people keep using the boards out of the water to enrich their life and keep sharing the stoke.

On August 11th we will be screening “Promised Land” Todd morehead’s new flic displaying surf life in Israel, and on August 17 we are having a huge surf and skate garage sale with Safam Skateboards!

So if your around Israel hop by to riviera beach in Bat Yam to check it out.
The show is open until august 22nd

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2 thoughts on “New art show in Bat Yam features Hani Surfboards

  1. Cheers! tnks

  2. thank YOU! layla tov ;*

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