comfortable in my skin (when I’m surfing)

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4 thoughts on “comfortable in my skin (when I’m surfing)

  1. I hope you had words with that chap that kept dropping in…

  2. oh, he’s a local, you know, I don’t mind that much ;) but they teached me “goblok” in indonesian when somebody’s doing it – lol

    besides, another local (ex-pro) was blocking the waves for me, so I guess they all hated me on that day ;D

    plus: I took it in the white water…

  3. Hey you are ripping out there looks like you were having a good time. stoked. Have to go ride that wave sometime, been invited up there recently maybe my time is soon.

  4. yeah, it’s a nice longboard wave and has been perfect for my skills :) no rocks and nothing, but you have to check the jellyfish-season – at the moment there are many, I think. bluebottles. the locals are amazing! very nice guys! :)

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