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can you lead a stable, solid, steady life better or happier than one where you don’t know what tomorrow brings…?


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11 thoughts on “tell me

  1. Voiceless in America

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  2. For me the best life is a combination of these things.

  3. it depends on the different stages of life you are into, don’t you think so? I’ve been trying the “western” way of living for too long by now – so at the moment, I’m searching for something extremely insecure. truly, madly, deeply. there is noone to catch me if I fall, but only by hitting the floor hard, I guess I can find out and make up my mind. “whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there / with open arms and open eyes, yeah”

    • It depends on the different stages and the individual person. Some of us must succumb to our human nature, the need for habit and it’s powers. We become well rounded people when we can then accept the unknown. That is something I’m working on, and I think accomplishing in the last year. I love to hear about your journey, keep it up.

  4. yeah, I totally understand that. I also had times when I wanted a more planned life. but now – and that is something totally new and different for me – I feel like in prison. I’m working five to six days a week, I eat, I sleep and sometimes I meet friends. that’s it – besides of reading and doing sports. and I’m always thinking this can’t be IT!

    I guess I lost my effort an my enthusiasm to build my career. I don’t give a sh** about it anymore. at the moment I want something else – a very simple life, close to nature. I want to live for the day and surfing helps me a lot to do that. it makes me so happy! that’s why I want to travel the world’s surf spots, hoping to find some shanti…

    • I hope you can make that dream a reality, and if you do maybe I’ll meet you out there somewhere :)

  5. that would be more than great, kasey! thank you so much for your words! :)

  6. wildriverchild

    If you are not happy with what you have now, nothing will bring you a real happiness. I’m sure. Absolutely.

  7. oh, nice one. thank you very much. but although it’s hard sometimes, I’m not about to end it, you know. I will give it a try – and then one more, and then one more… ;)

    • wildriverchild

      Yeah, it’s very hard. maybe in some cases it’s just impossible to get rid of the Dream. But still all our dreams, as I feel it, should be positive, and every step towards a dream should bring joy. Lots of people can’t let themselves dream, they can only sit and feel how unhappy they are without this or that… It’s a great mistake. Be happy with what you have and where you are now, dream and move towards it, and believe that everything is possible if.. it is possible in your mind.

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